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Real Tomatoes

Scored some beautiful and tasty tomatoes at the Ferry Building farmers market on Saturday after a bike ride to Marin. When you find tomatoes sold with dirt on them… you know they’re gonna be good. Farmers Market Tomatoes


Ever since I was a pudgy little kid, I’ve always loved food… but I’ve never written about it. I hope that writing about a passion of mine using MT (another passion of mine) will allow me to learn more about both passions.

I love learning new preparation techniques, dispelling culinary myths, learning the how and why (read “chemistry”[1]) of food, discovering the history of various edibles, and other various tidbits TBD. =)

But I’m no expert… so let me know what you think, share you knowledge, and tell me I’m a liar!

Here we go!

[1]: Ha! Just remembered that the worst grade I ever got in school was in chemistry =P

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