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Garlic, Olive, Thyme and Parsley Focaccia

My buddy Tamas needed help making some bread. He’s a genius in many ways, but utterly hopeless in the kitchen. We looked at a few recipes and then adapted a few to come up with this one. It was so easy to make and so delicious. So hard to not eat it all in one sitting.


Salsa has always been a staple in my familes diet. My dad’s basic salsa is the most common. But summer’s abundant fruits give way to all kinds of possibilities.

An old friend invited me to his place for a salsa party last weekend and I was inspired to take a new twist on a mango salsa. I wanted this salsa to be both sweet and smoky. The habaƱero was much hotter than I had anticipated so I added some avocados of the same firmness as the mango before serving. It was a crowd pleaser at the party and one I’ll surely make again.

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